The TASTIEST way to
Enjoy CBD everyday

Real strawberries infused with Ultra CBD

25mg CBDper gummy




Gourmet Creations (Our Story)

We already have the most premium Ultra CBD and so we thought, how to take it to the next level?

We also like to indulge in the most natural yet gourmet experiences. So, following our highest quality standards, we merged fresh California strawberries with the exact dose of our premium organic Colorado hemp to give you the tastiest Ultra CBD treat.

Every time you pop a gummy in your mouth, you can sit back and relax knowing you're getting the freshest Ultra CBD vegan experience.

Ultra Delivery SystemTM (UDS)

Our patent-pending Ultra Delivery SystemTM (UDS) creates ultra-small CBD particles for higher and more rapid absorption. You’ll immediately feel the difference.

Ultra Small
Ultra Absorption
Ultra Fast
Ultra Advanced